Each year, leaders in the design, architecture, and paint manufacturing industries meet and forecast design and fashion trends for the upcoming year.  For 2023, they are predicting that happy colors will dominate interior design trends accompanied by vibrant neutrals.

Incorporating 2023 color trends into your home

Use these suggestions to integrate fresh paint colors into your home this year.

Shades of yellow have become increasingly popular for interiors and they can be used in almost any type of room style—modern, glam, or traditional. Yellow is also great for rooms without windows. Soft yellows, coordinated with neutrals and accents of blue and green, can add even more dimension.

Hues of blue
Blue is the most loved color in the world so it’s no surprise it’s a trending interior paint color. Design professionals expect to see brighter blue hues like cobalt and electric blue, as well as more subdued blues like midnight and navy, to be increasingly popular. Blue brings depth and dimension to any room and is a good contrast to earth-tone colors and materials.

Green goes well with natural colors and materials, and stone and tile are a fantastic complement to a variety of gray shades. Also considered to be one of the best neutrals, gray is a perfect option for someone wanting a more subdued color palette.

Since hazelnut is a darker shade of neutral beige, designers recommend using this as a background color. In fact, hazelnut has become the adoptive living room color for 2023.

Tips for choosing a paint color

  • Take your time and don’t feel rushed to choose a color.
  • Don’t place paint swatches next to each other, rather paint each color on separate walls–Patrick O’Donnell, International Brand Ambassador at Farrow & Ball, an expert in paint colors, recommends separating colors because it can become too difficult to determine which color is best when they are too close together.
  • Once you’ve painted the color swatches, wait for twenty to forty-eight hours before making a judgment on the color. You will want to see the colors during the day and at night.