Fall is characterized by picturesque landscapes and rich colors. It might feel like you need to bring all the elements of the season together to decorate well, but your home doesn’t need to be covered from top to bottom in bright orange and red to be well-decorated.

You can achieve a simple and cozy minimalist autumn atmosphere in your home by making these small changes and swaps in your decorating.

Decorate with intent

Fall decor shopping can be both fun and overwhelming at the same time. To avoid overspending on items you don’t need, set the intention for your home this fall before you start your shopping or decorating. Defining how you want the space to make you feel will guide you when shopping and choosing pieces.

Your decor should also serve a purpose for your space. Whether that purpose is to add color or function as a centerpiece for the room, think about exactly where each item will go and why it fits your needs.

Natural elements

When you think about fall, you likely picture natural elements like pumpkins, leaves, and pine cones. Your fall decor doesn’t need to include these elements exactly as they are. Instead, adapt them to match your home for a more subtle, but still beautiful, look.

Pumpkins and gourds

Traditional jack-o’-lanterns can look slightly out of place inside the home, especially if you group them together. This can create a harsh and cluttered look—not to mention, jack-o’-lanterns rot quickly.

Instead, incorporate pumpkins in a new, minimalistic way. Consider purchasing and painting fake pumpkins in colors like white, black, or gold to stand out but also blend cohesively with the tone of your room. If you like to paint, try adding a design with a monogram of your family’s name or a leaf pattern. You can have friends and family help paint them, too.

For a natural element, look at your local farm stand or grocery store for squash gourds. These unique, muted-toned, and patterned vegetables make for wonderful decor since they last a bit longer than pumpkins do.

Pine cones and leaves

Fall garland is typically made with rich red, yellow, and orange leaves, which is perfect for those who like a bold, traditional fall look. However, if you prefer a more minimal style, this type of garland can be overwhelming. Consider garland with neutral, natural elements like pine cones and small greenery.


One of the easiest, most functional pieces of fall decor you can use is a stack of firewood. Place a bundle of firewood in a decorative holder near the fireplace, or wherever you think looks the nicest, in your home. Use pieces of firewood that are triangle-cut for a neat look. You’ll have firewood at the ready, and a fun decorative piece for your living space.

Hints of texture and print

Aside from the natural elements of the season, classic fall materials, such as warm flannel, can make your home feel cozier. Swap your normal patterns for seasonal ones instead of adding on to what you already have.


Choose a throw blanket or a few pillows in a buffalo plaid or a muted color, such as ash-gray. A plaid blanket draped over your couch can make a fall-themed statement that’s functional. If  your pillows are patterned, choose solid-colored blankets, or vice versa, to avoid clashing.


Tying neutral burlap ribbon around a vase or incorporating burlap place mats adds texture and pulls together colors. You can find burlap ribbon at your local craft store and cut it down to a size of your liking.


Keeping your fall decor minimal can work wonders for your home. Cluttered decor sometimes leads to stress, and if you’re spending more time at home, you’ll want your spaces to remain as simple as possible. Subtle natural elements and cozy prints can make a world of difference!