An almost universal way to stay cool and comfortable at home, especially during summer, is by using a fan. On top of that, fans can improve your home environment in several ways.

Ceiling fans

Is there anything more comforting than relaxing at home with a fan gently blowing air down on you from above? Here’s what you can do to maximize your ceiling fan benefits:

  • In the summer, run them counterclockwise so warm air is lifted toward the ceiling and cool air delivered down to you.
  • Frequently dust the entire unit and the ceiling above it. You’d be surprised at how quickly dirt and dust accumulate, especially on top of the blades—and that’s cascading down on you if you don’t perform regular upkeep.

Exhaust fans

Having a bathroom fan can be an important component of overall health, as it takes the humidity of a confined space and removes it from the house. This can improve overall air quality, but, more important, it can help prevent mold from growing in these frequently used rooms. You should check your bathroom fan a few times a year, and clean it by doing the following:

  • Pull the cover down, removing it if need be, before cleaning with soapy water.
  • Check the fan itself. It may be covered with dirt, grime, and dust from constant use. Turn the power off to the unit, and then clean it with a cloth or a vacuum.

Attic fans

These fans are the unsung heroes of the home. This is especially true during blistering summer months when attic temperatures can hit upward of 150 degrees or more. This heat can bleed down into your home, making it warmer. An attic fan sucks in cooler (relatively speaking) air from outside and shoots the hot air out, delivering a better living environment for you and lower home-cooling costs. For the best results:

  • Run it at the hottest time during the afternoon, which will maximize its effectiveness.
  • Have it serviced by a professional every few years.