One of the most awe-inspiring features of a house is a wide-open living area, especially if that area comes with magnificently tall ceilings. The downside? As a homeowner, how do you maintain such a dramatic vertical space? The following tips can help keep your great room looking great.


You can always bring out a ladder for dusting and cleaning lower areas, but it will get more dangerous the higher you try to reach. It’s generally agreed that the top tool for cleaning high, hard-to-reach areas is a telescoping wand with a nylon duster, which can do the work for you by extending to as much as twenty to thirty feet with attachments—the perfect tool for dusting ceiling fans and clearing cobwebs. Some kits also come with squeegees, which help make cleaning windows and skylights a breeze.


When it comes to decor, it can feel like there’s so much space and so much of it hard to reach. Here are some ways you can alleviate this problem. First, consider your lighting. People who have such rooms will often hang an eye-catching chandelier from the ceiling as a statement piece. You could also opt to create an accent wall, which will not only make the room pop but also add a focal point and tie the decor together. And take advantage of the walls to add shelving or artwork that conveys your personal style; if you consider the latter, imagine how grand a gallery wall you could make!


Something to consider with high-ceiling rooms is that they often bring in a lot of light, and dealing with the sun may be one of the trickiest aspects of having them. Installing traditional blinds or shades and manually controlling them would be inefficient, if not hazardous. Your best bet is to have specially designed shades or blinds added to your windows, which can be customized to your window sizes and controlled remotely, even through your smartphone.

Think things through

Finally, be intentional with everything you do. Play it safe if you’re using a ladder, always wear goggles (and possibly a mask), and turn off electricity to the room to avoid mishaps. Start at the highest point, and make your way down as you clean. Also keep in mind that maintaining high-ceiling rooms can strain your body, especially your arms and back, so take frequent breaks if need be. If all else fails, you can always opt to hire a house-cleaning service to make your spectacular multistory haven the space it’s meant to be.