When winter arrives, you might want to nest and relax. These simple upgrades can make your home more comfortable.

Create a welcoming entry

These items can make your entryway a more functional and pleasant space.

Keyless lock
With a keyless-entry lock, you can quickly punch in a code to open the door. Some models can be controlled through an app on your phone and can be paired with a smart-home system, like Amazon Alexa or Google Nest, that you can activate through voice command. Some keyless locks will even lock the door for you once you’re inside.

A place to remove your shoes
Winter shoes often get wet, so you’ll want to take them off promptly. You could add a bench with shoe storage below by your front door and a plug-in shoe dryer so your footwear will be dry when you need it. You might also want to add a place to hang your coat, hat, and scarf.

Let technology work for you

There are many ways to get things done at home while barely moving a muscle.

Free your hands
A simple tap can start the water running with a touch-enabled kitchen faucet, and motion-sensor lights can automatically light up dark passages for you. Instead of getting up to turn on the lights or close the blinds, you can use apps and a smart-home hub to do it instead.

Automate tasks
You can use your smart-home hub to create a schedule so that, in the morning, for example, your blinds will open, your coffee maker will start, and your washing machine will wash the clothes you put in the night before.