Even when the days are long and full of sunshine, nighttime can put a damper on your fun summer backyard activities. If you’re looking for ways to boost your yard’s security, ambience, and usability, you could benefit from lighting upgrades.

Deck lighting

No matter how high up or close to the ground your deck is, it can be dangerous to leave it unlit. Avoid tripping hazards on your deck by installing a series of LED lights by your deck stairs and around its perimeter. A typical deck light is around two inches in diameter, and it’s recommended to have two for each stair tread. Space the lights around the deck perimeter about four feet apart.

Path lighting

Navigate and highlight your walkways with path lights. While shopping, look for stainless-steel lights for the best water resistance and overall lifespan, but avoid motion-activated lights as you want them to continuously provide a completely lit path ahead. Most people opt for solar lights that you can drive into the ground with stakes to eliminate the need for extra wires. Just be sure to place them in areas that receive direct sunlight so they will have  enough power to stay bright through the night.

String lighting

If you have a pergola, gazebo, or other outdoor entertaining area, string lights are a must-have. This accent lighting lets you keep the conversation going in a warm and intimate atmosphere. Measure the length around the area you want to highlight, and add a few feet so they can hang naturally. As with path lighting, consider investing in solar-powered lights to avoid the need to run a wire outside. If you do run a wire, make sure it’s weather-resistant and placed out of the way to avoid tripping.

Security lighting

Nothing is more important than keeping you and your loved ones safe. That’s why it’s ideal to install security lighting around your home. These wide beams, also known as a floodlights, can detect motion when activated and will alert you to an unwanted visitor on your property. If you have a smart home system, such as Ring, you can purchase a floodlight that will connect to your system and your Amazon Alexa. Look for floodlights that reach an appropriate area so you won’t pick up activity in your neighbor’s yard and shine light into their home.

Wall lighting

Wall sconces and mounted lanterns add an elegant and sophisticated touch to shady and recessed areas of your backyard. If you have space on your exterior walls, talk to an electrician about installing semi-flush-mount or flush-mount sconces and lanterns. By doing so, you can ensure even the darkest parts of your yard are well lit and highlight your exterior wall decor.

Who says that the sunset needs to put a damper on your backyard activities? Try these lighting solutions to keep you and your loved ones safe while enjoying time in your yard.