Plants can bring so much joy to a home, so it can be discouraging when cold weather and a lack of sunlight force you to scale back your indoor and outdoor gardening. However, there are many beautiful cool-weather plants that can adorn your home in the winter months.


Having the colors of spring around during winter can help lift your spirits if you’re wishing for a quick return to the colorful outside blooms.

Lilies of the valley – Though they look dainty, lilies of the valley are strong. Be sure to keep them in their own pots and away from children and pets because they are toxic when consumed.

Pansies – If you want color that won’t quit, plant some pansies. These impressive flowers can survive temperature fluctuations into the single digits, making them perfect blooms for unpredictable winters.

Peonies – These gorgeous flowers require a cold period to bloom properly. Plant them in fall and let them grow through the winter for beautiful blooms in early spring.


A classic piece of greenery can tie together your decor and add curb appeal to your home’s exterior.

Hostas – These shade-loving perennials are the perfect choice for your indoor plant stands. Hostas come in many sizes, textures, and colors, so be sure to find a variety that matches your interior.   

Boxwoods – You can’t go wrong with the timeless look of a boxwood. Plant these shrubs at the front of your house for an instant winter curb appeal boost or to add privacy.

Siberian cypress – As its name suggests, the Siberian cypress grows naturally in Russia, so it should be just fine growing its dense and lush spearmint-green branches in your yard.


Yes, you can still grow produce during the winter! You may not be able to grow your summer favorites, but there are a few winter veggies you can harvest and enjoy in soups and stews.

Broccoli – This versatile veggie can withstand extremely cold climates, but it does need sun. Plant the seeds in a sunny area of your yard in early fall to give them time to grow fully through winter.

Kale – Kale not only tastes great but also is pleasing to the eye and easy to grow. The deep-green leaves of kale will also bring some color back to your garden.

Turnips – You can see the green tops of this delicious root vegetable growing even in the cold. Since most of the vegetable is underground, snow won’t ruin it. Additionally, when boiled, turnips are a great flavorful addition to soups and stews!