With its plentiful blooms and bouquet of colors, springtime can be one of the best seasons to snap outdoor portraits. If you would like to take beautiful family photos this season, use this guide to create ones you’ll long treasure.

Settle on the details

You have a few options for getting the perfect shot: you could hire a photographer, recruit a friend, or take photos yourself using a tripod and remote timer. You might want to select one of your family’s favorite spots for your photo shoot—like your backyard or neighborhood park—or a pretty locale, such as a public garden or farm. Just ensure that the location isn’t too busy. Nature will provide ideal lighting for your portraits within two hours of sunrise and sunset, if your family is amenable to those hours.

Plan your shots

Consider using photo props, such as a kite or a beach ball for seaside shots, while a picnic blanket and chairs can provide comfortable seating. Props can also keep young children entertained and happy during the portrait session. Your family should dress in complementary light colors, such as tans, grays, and creams, that won’t clash with the scenery—and be sure to avoid busy prints. Photograph your family in the shade since a bright background can steal the focus, and don’t have them face the sun. For a large group photo, it’s helpful to use a wide-angle lens and put the tallest family members in the back.

Take plenty of photos

Snap as many photos as you can to guarantee the perfect shot. Take some candid pictures too. Try grouping your subjects in a variety of standing and seated poses, and take both horizontal and vertical shots. You can also try different group shots, such as just the adults or only the kids. Take a few shots of each pose to make sure you get a good shot of each.

Edit your photos

There are a variety of free apps, such as Pixlr and Snapseed, that allow you to crop photos, eliminate red eye, add filters, and make color and other adjustments. Editing your photos can help them look more professional.