In many markets, spring is prime time for new listings. However, summer can also be a popular choice, providing unique opportunities for both buyers and sellers. If you are thinking of selling your home this summer, follow these tips to initiate a successful sale on your terms.

Understanding the Summertime Buyer

Historically, the best time to sell a home is between March and May. However, buyers can be just as motivated during the summer months—especially right before back-to-school time. So how can you take advantage of the upside the summer market offers and communicate with those higher-paying summer buyers?

  • Homebuyers may be taking advantage of the flexibility offered by the out-of-school. This may be especially true for buyers who are relocating from a distant market and have been waiting for school to end so that they can go all-in on their home search.
  • Summertime buyers who need to settle in before the start of the new school year may be willing to pay more for a home if the seller has a timeline that matches their own.
  • Inventory can be reduced in the summer, especially toward the end of the season. If most of the homes in your market were snapped up during the spring, you may find that there are plenty of disappointed buyers who are eager to check out your summertime listing.
  • Summer is an opportunity to present your home at its best. Rather than buying when there’s still snow on the ground or when the first buds are coming out on the trees, buyers are seeing your listing in the full bloom of summer. That can provide a distinct advantage, improving curb appeal and helping your home look better inside and out.

Summer Staging

A host of studies have shown that staging helps homes sell for more at any time of year, but summer staging can be uniquely effective. Here’s how to maximize the potential of your home for summertime buyers.

Keep things cool

When you know buyers are coming to look at your home, turn down the air, turn on the ceiling fans, and make sure the home is comfortably cool. Set out a bowl or bin filled with ice and bottles of sparkling water or a pitcher of spa water—ice water filled with lemon or cucumber slices. The idea is to make your home feel like an oasis from the summer heat, keeping potential buyers inside long enough to fall in love.

Stage outdoors

You have a unique advantage in the summer selling season since you can sell outdoor living potential along with your interior spaces. Stage every single outdoor space, from your front porch to your deck or patio, to emphasize how much living can go on in your outdoor spaces.

Lighten up

Replace heavy drapes with sheer or light curtains so that summer sunlight streams into your home. Replace heavy throw blankets with lightweight towels or other summery linens, and swap velvet throw pillows with linen and cotton options in light or bright colors.

Consider color

You can get away with fun pops of color now that might feel out of place other times of the year. If you’ve cultivated a neutral interior, consider adding bright citrus shades to grab attention and make your home more memorable.

Selling from a Distance

One of the challenges of a summer home sale is that you may find yourself negotiating the sale of your home while traveling or on vacation. Here are some strategies to keep in mind to make a summertime sale a little easier.

  • Communicate clearly with your agent to ensure that you are on the same page when it comes to price, timeline, and other factors before you list your home.
  • Understand the platforms your agent uses for electronic communication, online document signing, and virtual transaction management. Make sure that your agent has your most up-to-date email address and phone number.
  • Even though you’re on vacation, check in for information from your agent or broker regularly to ensure that you are aware of anything that’s time-sensitive. You may want to designate two specific times of day to check your email and voicemail messages.
  • Try to plan ahead for the unexpected. It’s not easy to negotiate a purchase price from the middle of a theme park or to choose a closing date from a kayak. Understand your time constraints and do what you need to in make good decisions.

Summer can be the best time of year for selling your home. Go into it with a positive attitude and a sunshiny perspective to help make the most of the opportunities the summer market has to offer.