Popular design styles are often eye-catching, clean, and inviting—everything you want your home to be. But executing a design aesthetic well requires some planning, no matter what your budget is. Here are the essentials you should focus on to achieve one of these trending interior designs.

Modern Farmhouse

The modern farmhouse look has taken the country by storm. This versatile design aesthetic focuses on wood materials, light colors, and elegant country-chic decor.

High Budget

Barn doors

What’s a farmhouse without a sliding barn door? Update your entryways yourself or with the help of a professional to get these statement pieces that are the foundation for all other design elements. Places like your pantry and closets are ideal for a single barn door, while bedrooms and offices are great rooms to place double barn doors.

Countertops and tables

You can never have too many wood finishes in a modern farmhouse design, so consider changing to butcher-block countertops in a stain that contrasts with your cabinets. You can also try updating your coffee, dining, and end tables with a similar wood stain.


Most farmhouse designs include rustic chandelier lighting, so update spaces like the dining room that would benefit from an overhead light. Look for chandeliers made from iron or wood that have exposed bulbs or fun Mason jar lampshades.

Low Budget


Light, airy colors are what set the tone for a modern farmhouse look. Paint areas like your kitchen and living room, but don’t limit yourself to just painting walls. You can also update cabinets and furniture for an entirely new look. Beige, light green, and light gray are common farmhouse colors you can’t go wrong with using.

Hardware and faucets

While a farmhouse sink update may not be in the budget, you can update your sink’s hardware. To accomplish a farmhouse kitchen sink aesthetic, choose solid black hardware with a curved, pull-down faucet. Use this same black or even a rusted metal finish for your cabinet hardware.

Greenery and hanging signs

Part of the farmhouse aesthetic is incorporating whimsical, country-chic decor and plants. Instead of purchasing signs to hang, consider making your own. Purchase canvases from a local craft store, and search the internet for a quote or design you can re-create. Real plants can be expensive to maintain, so try purchasing a few inexpensive fake plants, such as succulents and ferns.


Bring nature inside your home with boho-style design. This whimsical, natural aesthetic has been popular since the sixties and is marked by patterns, bright colors, and natural materials that make a home warm and peaceful.

High Budget

Wicker or natural furniture

Natural materials are an important part of the boho look. Updating your coffee table, barstools, and accent furniture to wicker or another natural material will set the perfect vibe for the rest of the space. Consider pieces such as a papasan chair, woven ottomans, and bamboo side tables.

Patterned area rugs

Hand-woven rugs made from natural materials are great additions to a bedroom, living room, or dining room. Look for geometric patterns or macramé, specifically.

Wood shelving

Wicker or wood furniture is a great start, but you’ll want somewhere to display your boho-inspired decor. Install wood shelving in a natural, light-colored wood, such as maple, oak, pine, or birch.

Low Budget

Pops of color and pattern

Add geometric or intricately patterned throw pillows or blankets to your couch and sleeping area. Mix in a pop of color with sage green or terra-cotta orange towels, table runners, and vases.


Natural elements don’t have to be reserved exclusively for furniture. Add woven placements to your table settings, organize with wicker storage baskets, and swap your photos into wooden picture frames.

String lighting

Boho pendant lighting can be pricey, but the good news is that string lights are inexpensive and a great addition to your design. Incandescent bulb string lights can add warmth and peace, especially in a bedroom.


Industrial interior design is an edgy style inspired by factories from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. This style is meant to promote productivity and is designed with durability in mind. Industrial is now widely used to achieve a darker, more lived-in minimalist look rather than a bright and light minimalist look.

High Budget

Metal and leather furniture

Put a generous amount of your budget toward quality, long-lasting cast-iron and leather furniture. Contrast a leather couch with a studded iron coffee table, or try a leather-studded headboard and metal-framed nightstands.

Factory-inspired lighting

You’ll be using a lot of deep colors, so it’s important to light your space adequately. Incorporate exposed Edison bulbs and metal pipes that evoke the factory look. Consider splurging on statement pendant or chandelier lighting.

Wood beams

If you don’t already have them in your house, high-quality wood beams can make your ceiling seem higher than it is, adding to the creative, open-concept feel. Experts have the tools to do a quick, safe, and great-looking beam installation. If you have existing beams, consider having them sanded and restained to a darker color.

Low Budget

Brick wallpaper

Since building a brick wall isn’t realistic for many people, you can create an optical illusion by applying an inexpensive peel-and-stick brick wallpaper as an accent wall in your kitchen, bedroom, or living room.

Light bulb swap

Pendant and chandelier industrial lighting can be expensive. But you can take the lampshade off your table lamps or purchase a lamp base, and replace the bulb with an Edison bulb to add instant industrial mood lighting to any room.

Faux leather

If you aren’t planning to splurge on a leather couch, you can opt to purchase faux leather pillows or couch covers that will add an edge to your existing living room furniture.

Making the Design Your Own

While trendy designs are fun to create, you don’t have to follow them to a T to create a beautiful style. Working alongside an interior designer can be beneficial to make a design completely unique and functional for your own home.