Moving can be an emotional process, but settling into a new home during the holidays can be even more emotional since your loved ones might be missing the traditions you had in your previous home.

While traditions can be location-based, they are more a product of the people who practice them and the purpose behind them. If you are planning to move to a new place this holiday season, here are suggestions for making your new house a home, celebrating old traditions, and creating new memories.

Deck the halls

After unpacking and settling down in your new home, it’s time to deck the halls! The decor is one of the best parts of any holiday season, so make use of these delightful decorating tips.

Maximize your holiday season time

The sooner you can decorate for the holidays, the more holiday cheer you’re likely to feel. You probably haven’t seen your new house with holiday decor yet, so consider it a blank canvas.

Decorating sooner doesn’t mean you need to add more decor than you want to, but don’t be afraid to try out new techniques. For example, if your previous home didn’t have a fireplace but your new home does, consider adorning it with garland and festive figurines.

Incorporate both old and new decor

When you move, you naturally downsize on belongings a bit. However, you should keep a few of your favorite holiday decor items, such as antique tree ornaments or a menorah that you can place on display to bring a bit of your old home into the new. On the other hand, this is the perfect time to invest in new decorations. The new style of your home might be a great opportunity to try a new style of holiday decorating. For instance, select new entryway items, such as a wreath and doormats.

Take plenty of pictures

When your decorating is complete, snap some photos to keep as a reference for the next holiday season. Decorating your old house was likely routine for you, but now these photos can serve as a reference for the next holiday season you spend in your new home. Plus, you can show off your beautiful home to loved ones who may not be there in person to see it!

Put on a chef’s hat

Cooking is one of the best memory-making activities, and smell and taste are the two best memory-retaining senses. So here are ideas to make the best use of your new kitchen.

Cook together

When it comes to cooking in your new home, try to involve everyone in your household. It doesn’t matter if they have cooking or baking skills, only that they enjoy the process. Kitchens are the heart of most homes and they’re a great setting to make new traditions together.

Fill your home with familiar aromas

Your sense of smell can bring forgotten memories back to the front of your mind. Unbox your family recipe books, and make everyone’s favorite dishes to fill your new home with familiar scents. By doing this, you’ll start to associate those happy memories and traditional dishes with being together in your new home.

Eat new dishes

Take the opportunity to try new recipes in addition to making old standbys. Have everyone in the household pick a new recipe they want to try, and let them take charge of making it. If your child wants to try a new cookie recipe, have them read the directions aloud, and then delegate responsibilities to each person while you supervise. Letting people choose new recipes is a great chance to start a tradition where everyone has a signature holiday dish they can proudly make.

Create community

People are the key to transforming a house into a home, so fill yours with the best people in your life this first holiday season in your new space.

Invite familiar faces

If your family and friends can travel safely, offer to host a holiday dinner this year. It’s a good idea to try to have people over, especially if you hosted at your previous house. If not, start a new tradition of hosting! Having people visit and seeing the new house will fill it with smiles and laughter that will make you feel at home again.

Bring in new faces

Ask your neighbors or people in your surrounding community about local holiday activities, and attend a few events to meet people you can safely invite over for holiday drinks and appetizers. The people near you are now a part of your life, so asking them about their traditions can be a great way to bond. They might have some insight into what activities you can do in the area for the holidays each year, helping you feel more at home in your new location.


Above all, don’t convince yourself that this holiday season might be sad or uncomfortable without your old house. Having a positive outlook can make an impact on the holiday spirit you feel. Home is where your heart is, and if your heart loves the holidays, turning your new house into a home should be a breeze if you try new traditions and bring some of the old along with you.